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New Intra-Oral Composite Polisher: the DiaComp™ Feather Lite™

Jan 25, 2015

Diacomp Feather Lite

SAVANNAH, GA (January 5, 2015) – Brasseler USA®, a leading manufacturer of quality instrumentation, is pleased to expand its Feather Lite™ line of polishers with a new versatile intra-oral composite polisher, the DiaComp™ Feather Lite™.

The DiaComp Feather Lite is a simple two-step diamond infused polishing system that provides consistent and reliable results for the polishing of the widest variety of composite materials. The highly efficient DiaComp Feather Lite is extremely versatile and works well on all types of classic restorative composite materials as well as new hybrid composites.

The unique finger design and flexible spirals of the DiaComp Feather Lite create an esthetically pleasing enamel-like finish while respecting existing surface differentiation. In addition, the DiaComp Feather Lite delivers a quick high-shine luster on every surface including hard-to-reach locations such as the occlusion region, leaving behind a complete finished surface area.

The DiaComp Feather Lite works most efficiently at lower speed ranges (5,000-6,000 rpm) while using light pressure. After using the ET® Carbides and Diamonds to finish your composites, using Diacomp Feather Lite will maintain surface differentiation and restore a natural finish.