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An Update for Our Customers (6/3)

Jun 4, 2020

To our dental professionals:

As you look to re-open, we at Brasseler USA are working hard to provide timely solutions and high-quality service that meet the evolving needs of your practice. We know that you are adapting to this new environment…we are too, all in order to safely and effectively assist you in getting back to running your practice and treating your patients. Here’s how:

We are expanding availability for phone and 2-way video calls.

All field sales team members are here to serve you via telephone or video-enabled customer meetings. We are fully equipped to provide you the great service, care, and expertise you have come to know and trust from Brasseler in a virtual setting.  Where service calls are requested, we will look to first conduct a video conference call to immediately resolve any issues. Want to schedule a call? Click here

Should an In-Person Visit be required, we will ensure safety is our top priority.

For an in-person service visit that requires someone onsite, we will do the following to promote a safe environment:

  • If we cannot address your needs in a video conference call, we will seek to schedule a service visit during a convenient time for you.
  • On the day of our scheduled visit, we will call you to ensure you are prepared for us to come to your office that day.
  • When we arrive at your office we will call you from our car and wait in our car and outside your office until you instruct us on how to approach and enter your office.
  • Brasseler team members will follow state and local government guidance. Should state or local government guidance change between the time we schedule our visit and the day of the visit we will reconfirm any standing appointments with you.
  • We will be taking our temperature the day of our visit and if we have any flu-like symptoms we will call you to re-schedule.
  • We will gain all information about your requirements for interaction in your office setting during our pre-visit call.
  • We would ask you to properly clean and disinfect anywhere that we will be entering prior to our entry and please sterilize/disinfect any equipment/instruments we will be interacting with (especially in a clinical area if we must enter such an area).

We want to thank you for all you are doing during these times and we want you to know that now, more than ever, we remain BY YOUR SIDE.

On behalf of the Brasseler Team, Stay Safe.

Kind regards,

Ken Hunt

Ken Hunt
Vice President, Sales