Dialite® Diamonds

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Dialite® Diamonds

Help Your Restoration Reach Its Full Potential With Dialite® Diamonds

Multi-layered, single-patient use Dialite® Diamonds are designed for adjusting and removing ceramic restorations, including zirconia, lithium disilicate, and feldspathic porcelain. Adjust restorations atraumatically with Dialite® Diamonds to minimize flaw induction and potential ceramic fracture. Remove failed ceramic restorations efficiently and comfortably. Use them in the dental laboratory to shape and create surface texture in pre-sintered (green state) zirconia and pre-crystalized (blue block) lithium disilicate.


  • 3 Phase multi-layered technology provides optimal cutting efficiency and extends the life of the diamond.
  • Hybrid fine particles help protect materials properties and help prevent micro-fractures while adjusting the “Modern Ceramics”.
  • Uniform particle dispersion.
  • Application: Crown & Bridge

Dialite® Diamonds can be used for ceramic restoration adjustment and removal and are available in convenient 5-packs. Recommended speeds: adjusting—40,000-60,000 rpm; removal—100,000 rpm