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Since 1976, Brasseler USA® has provided the highest-quality instruments to healthcare professionals. We are proud to announce those same high-quality instruments are now available to students at a price that won’t break the budget.

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Since 1976, Brasseler USA has provided the highest-quality instruments to dental professionals. Our singular focus on instrumentation allows us to design and deliver the most dependable, reliable and precise instruments available. With more than 15,000 products available, Brasseler USA is by your side to select the right instrumentation as your build your practice.

Restorative Dentistry


Design your own procedural system with Brasseler’s new online kit customization tool. This brand new interactive experience assists you in building custom kits to meet your clinical needs. Personalizing your aluminum bur block has never been easier!
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A complete assortment of quality carbide instruments for virtually any need – operative, restoration removal, trimming and finishing, surgical and laboratory – in numerous shank and blade configurations.
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With options for ceramics and composites, these polishers are single-use for convenience and durable enough to last through multiple restorations.
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With its ultra-miniature head and neck design and state-of-the-art gearing, the Forza Short Series attachments will change the way you think about electrics forever!
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The EndoSync Plus cordless handpiece features the market’s only torque controlled, open-platform software. This technology allows for complete customization of motion: an unprecedented feature in the industry.
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The CM taper file provides clinicians with a progressive tapered instrument that delivers the cutting efficiency and flexibility of EndoSequence CM in the familiar shapes of ProTaper Gold™ files.
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Brasseler’s latest NiTi innovation designed to be used in a reciprocating motion. The exclusive reverse cutting flute design, electropolished surface treatment, and safety guiding tip make ESR CM a safe, flexible, and efficient reciprocating solution.
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Upgrade your practice with EndoSequence BioCeramic materials, a revolutionary product line from the trusted leader in Bioactives.
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Learn More from Industry Leaders

Brasseler USA is committed to helping our practitioners and their staff stay up-to-date on the industry’s current procedural trends and innovative solutions. Including webinars, podcasts, videos, eBooks, and more, our library of clinically-focused educational content is available 24/7 so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Introduction to Bioceramics

This short presentation will help you understand how recent advancements in material science have changed the way the field of endodontics is practiced. And how this change is improving the quality and efficiency of endodontic care.
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Endodontic Retreatment with the XP-3D Instrumentation

Traditional solid core NiTi files burnish gutta percha into the canal walls as they bore through the mass of filling material. The XP-3D Shaper’s serpentine shape creates a corkscrew effect allowing the instrument to encircle gutta percha and pull it out of the canal in large pieces.
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Blending Composites with BrioShine

The BrioShine Feather Lite Composite Single-Use Polisher is ideal for the universal polishing and finishing of composite materials with predictable results. It adapts to most tooth surfaces, yet is durable enough to last through multiple restorations.
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Resin Cement Clean Up in 3 Steps with Dr. Mark Friedman

Looking for an easier way to remove residual resin cement? Dr. Mark Friedman shares a rapid, effective clean-up protocol.
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Looking for more? Visit our Educational Library to see our full offerings.

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Brasseler is the premier dental instrumentation company offering the most extensive selection of dental instrumentation under one brand, providing innovation and services to support core operatory procedures. Our team is dedicated to working with students as they prepare to transition from classroom to your dental practice.

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