XP-3D Finisher™

Simple. Safe. Anatomical.

The XP-3D Finisher utilizes Brasseler’s exclusive MaxWire® Technology to adapt to the canal’s natural anatomy. It has a bowed shape at body temperature and is incredibly flexible. The instrument debrides the root canal system 3-dimensionally and allows for enhanced irrigation. The XP-3D Finisher is intended to clean a prepared canal and will not change the shape once prepared.


MaxWire® Technology

Featuring Brasseler’s exclusive MaxWire Technology, the XP-3D Finisher adapts to the canal’s natural anatomy by expanding once exposed to body temperature.

  • Super elasticity, extreme flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • Transformation to a robust, predefined serpentine shape at body temperature 95°F (35°C)
  • Ability to gently expand to the natural anatomy of the root canal

Size & Expansion Capacity

The XP-3D Finisher is an ISO #25 with a 0° taper. Its capacity to expand improves its reach 100-fold
compared to a standard instrument.

Clinical Tips

  • 800-1000 RPMs; Torque:1Ncm
  • XP-3D Finisher should be used only after canal preparation to at least #25
  • In multirooted teeth, start with the largest canal
  • Work along the entire length of the canal for approximately one (1) minute
  • Place the XP-3D Finisher into the orifice of the canal prior to placing the irrigant and begin rotation


Learn more about the XP-3D Finisher and how it addresses the shortcomings of traditional NiTi instrumentation at XP-3D.com



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Product Tutorial Video

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XP-3D Finisher in Slow Motion

The following video shows the XP-3D Finisher in slow motion action.

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