ET Intra-Oral Composite Polishing Paste

The Final Step in Polishing Composite Restorations – ET Intra-Oral Composite Polishing Paste

Another innovation from Brasseler USA, ET® Intra-Oral Composite Polishing Paste. For over 30 years, Brasseler USA’s line of ET® instruments and products have continued to revolutionize the world of composite restorations. We have extended the ET® line by introducing ET® Composite Intra-Oral Polishing Paste. Available in 8-micron grit, this diamond impregnated polishing paste is packed in a convenient 2 gram syringe, which will help you quickly and easily achieve the highest level of surface smoothness and shine.

Use ET® Intra-Oral Composite Polishing Paste as a final step after polishing with any of our wide range of composite polishers, including DiaComp® and ET® Illustra™, to achieve the best results.


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