Dialite Feather Lite

The final step in polishing any porcelain restoration, Dialite® Feather Lite.

Brasseler USA® introduces a revolutionary new addition to the Dialite family of porcelain polishers: Feather Lite. Feather Lite’s flexible spirals are designed to separate and “feather” out during use. This feathering helps maintain surface differentiation when polishing any ceramic restoration, allowing the instrument to quickly adapt to any surface including occlusal, interproximal and contact areas.

Available in both 26mm head size and 14mm latch for intra-oral, and in coarse, medium and fine grits, the new Dialite Feather Lite polisher will help save chair time as you quickly polish your porcelain restorations intra-orally or extra-orally.

Use Dialite Feather Lite as the final polish for all your crown and bridge restorations.


The Dialite Feather Lite products are also available in the following procedure systems:

Dialite Feather Lite Extra-Oral Kit (K0277)
Dialite Feather Lite Intra-Oral Assortment Pack (FLW14A.RA)
IPS e.max Chairside Adjustment & Polishing Kit (K0293)

Dialite Feather Lite Polishers are available in both Extra-Oral and Intra-Oral options.



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B-4495 Feather Lite Brochure

Feather Lite Brochure (B-4495) (.pdf download)

The revolutionary new Dialite Feather Lite is the first system to polish occlusal anatomy to a high brilliant luster efficiently and easily. The Feather Lite polishes grooves and elaborate occlusal structure effortlessly.

   ~ John A. Sorensen, D.M.D., PhD.


The Brasseler Dialite Feather Lite is by far the best polisher system I have ever used to give a natural finish to developmental and fine grooves on anterior teeth and occlusal anatomy on posterior teeth.

 ~ Dr. Edward A. McLaren, D.D.S.

Dialite Feather Lite is sold individually or available in an extra-oral kit