C-Series Carbides

Single-Piece Solid Carbides

For over 40 years, Brasseler has collaborated and innovated with key opinion leaders to provide predictable clinical outcomes and improved patient care. Brasseler’s new “C- Series,” a unique development in operative carbides, utilizes the latest technology in carbide manufacturing;

Minimize Breakage
C-Series single-piece design is a stronger, more durable design than two-piece carbides.
Saves Chair Time
Unique blade geometry provides users with a faster, more aggressive cut.

C-Series Carbides from Brasseler USA
Peter Brasseler C-Series Carbides Sizing Chart

Shop the full line of C-Series Carbides at: https://shop.brasselerusa.com/Catalog/Carbides/Operative-Carbides/Peter-Brasseler-C-Series-Carbides