BrasselerMINI High Speed Handpiece

When “Open Wide” Isn’t Enough, Use BrasselerMINI

Small in size, but big in performance, the BrasselerMINI high-speed handpiece offers a super miniature head size that provides maximum access and visibility. A revolution in handpiece design, the Brasseler Mini is a necessity for your limited access cases. Now offered in KaVo and Brasseler/NSK connections.


  • Lightweight
  • Fiber Optic Light
  • Easy to Replace Turbine
  • Ceramic Ball Bearings
  • Clean Head System
  • Single Port Water Spray
  • Quick Disconnect Swivel
  • Push Button

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The small bur with big benefits, the Brasseler Mini bur is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Shorter than conventional friction grip burs, Brasseler Mini burs deliver unprecedented access when combined with the Brasseler Mini high-speed handpiece.


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Head Size                           Neck Size              Bur Size Comparison
Mini-Head-Size Mini-Neck-SizeMini-Bur-Size-Comparison


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“The ultra-small footprint of this handpiece means it does not block your vision, even with high-level microscope magnification. Extremely quiet, yet powerful, this handpiece provides the solution for pediatric patients and adults who have limited vertical opening. The Brasseler Mini will change your opinion about bigger is better.”
Dr. Mark Friedman (California)

“I love the handpiece. It is light and small so access is incredible…I am tempted to replace all my air driven with it, not just use it for special occasions.”
Dr. Lee Ann Brady (Arizona)