BrioShine Feather Lite Universal Polishers

2-Step Polishing System

BrioShine Feather Lite Composite & Ceramic Single-Use Polishers adapt to most tooth surfaces, yet are durable enough to last through multiple restorations. Compared to most polishing systems, these polishers eliminate time spent polishing by reducing the amount of steps required for optimal results.

Designed with unique stampings that identify their use, BrioShine Feather Lite Polishers feature a plastic mandrel for convenient, single-use application. Each polisher is recommended for use at slow speed (4-6,000 RPM) and with little to no water. 

BrioShine Feather Lite Single-Use Polishers


  • FLBCER-1 – Pre-polishing zirconia, lithium disilicate and porcelain/PFM restorations
  • FLBF-2 – Final, Universal Polisher that provides an excellent finish to all restorations.

  • FLBCO-1 – Pre-polishing composite restorations
  • FLBF-2 – Final, Universal Polisher that provides an excellent finish to all restorations.

Step 1: Blending Composits with BrioShine Feather Lite

Step 2: Final Polish with BrioShine Feather Lite

Brio Sterile Single-Use Instrumentation

Brio Sterile, Single-Patient Instruments

Single-patient instruments for easy storage and dispensing.

Brio™ offers a full line of sterile single-patient diamond, carbide, and polishing instruments validated to FDA standards. Lessen your overhead cost by reducing dispensing labor and sterilization.

All Brio Diamonds, Carbides and Polishers are available in the following packaging:

  • BrioPrep Diamonds – 25/PK
  • BrioCut Carbides – 25/PK
    • Select Sizes Available Non-Sterile – 100/PK
  • BrioShine™ Polishers – 10/PK


Brio Sterile Single Use Instrumentation




A New Spin On Snap-On Polishers

Brasseler USA® introduces an innovative spin on basic, plastic snap-on polishers with the new VersaFlexTM diamond-coated disposable polishing system. Unlike traditional mylar (plastic) polishers with aluminum oxide abrasives, this versatile polishing system is outfitted with a durable diamond coating that delivers unprecedented results. It easily and effectively finishes and polishes a wide variety of restorative materials, including composites, all-ceramics, metal and amalgam.

The flexible design of the VersaFlexTM polishing discs easily conforms to the individual contours of each tooth, providing unrestricted access to even hard-to-reach locations. The addition of the corresponding mylar polishing strips will help you gain access to tight interproximal areas. Available in an assortment pack and separate refill packs. Let the versatile VersaFlexTM enhance your restorations today!

  • Four Color-Coded Grits: Super-Coarse, Coarse, Medium and Fine
  • Two Discs Sizes: 12mm and 10mm
  • Two 2-Grip Mylar Strips: Super-Coarse/Coarse and Medium/Fine
  • Two Snap-On Mandrels: Right-Angle Latch (RA) and Straight Handpiece (HP)



Learn more about VersaFlex™

VersaFlex Brochure (B-4679) (.pdf download)

Feather Lite Logo

Feather Lite Family of Products

See our Growing Line of Feather Lite Products

Introducing new polishing instruments by Brasseler USA. Our family of Feather Lite™ polishers are specifically designed to give your restorations a smooth enamel-like finish using a unique design. By incorporating flexible spirals, this polisher is the next generation in polishing technology, because it polishes every surface of the restoration, including the hard to reach pits and fissures of the occlusal surface, efficiently and easily.

Dialite Feather Lite

The final step in polishing any porcelain restoration, Dialite® Feather Lite.

Brasseler USA® introduces a revolutionary new addition to the Dialite family of porcelain polishers: Feather Lite. Feather Lite’s flexible spirals are designed to separate and “feather” out during use. This feathering helps maintain surface differentiation when polishing any ceramic restoration, allowing the instrument to quickly adapt to any surface including occlusal, interproximal and contact areas.

Available in both 26mm head size and 14mm latch for intra-oral, and in coarse, medium and fine grits, the new Dialite Feather Lite polisher will help save chair time as you quickly polish your porcelain restorations intra-orally or extra-orally.

Use Dialite Feather Lite as the final polish for all your crown and bridge restorations.


The Dialite Feather Lite products are also available in the following procedure systems:

Dialite Feather Lite Extra-Oral Kit (K0277)
Dialite Feather Lite Intra-Oral Assortment Pack (FLW14A.RA)
IPS e.max Chairside Adjustment & Polishing Kit (K0293)

Dialite Feather Lite Polishers are available in both Extra-Oral and Intra-Oral options.



Learn more about Dialite® Feather Lite™

B-4495 Feather Lite Brochure

Feather Lite Brochure (B-4495) (.pdf download)

The revolutionary new Dialite Feather Lite is the first system to polish occlusal anatomy to a high brilliant luster efficiently and easily. The Feather Lite polishes grooves and elaborate occlusal structure effortlessly.

   ~ John A. Sorensen, D.M.D., PhD.


The Brasseler Dialite Feather Lite is by far the best polisher system I have ever used to give a natural finish to developmental and fine grooves on anterior teeth and occlusal anatomy on posterior teeth.

 ~ Dr. Edward A. McLaren, D.D.S.

Dialite Feather Lite is sold individually or available in an extra-oral kit


ET Intra-Oral Composite Polishing Paste

The Final Step in Polishing Composite Restorations – ET Intra-Oral Composite Polishing Paste

Another innovation from Brasseler USA, ET® Intra-Oral Composite Polishing Paste. For over 30 years, Brasseler USA’s line of ET® instruments and products have continued to revolutionize the world of composite restorations. We have extended the ET® line by introducing ET® Composite Intra-Oral Polishing Paste. Available in 8-micron grit, this diamond impregnated polishing paste is packed in a convenient 2 gram syringe, which will help you quickly and easily achieve the highest level of surface smoothness and shine.

Use ET® Intra-Oral Composite Polishing Paste as a final step after polishing with any of our wide range of composite polishers, including DiaComp® and ET® Illustra™, to achieve the best results.


Learn more about our ET Intra-Oral Composite Polishing Paste


B_4103_ET-Polishing Paste NPR

Dialite Intra-Oral Porcelain Polishing Paste

The Final Step in Polishing Today’s Modern Ceramics – Dialite Intra-Oral Porcelain Polishing Paste

As a market leader, Brasseler USA’s Dialite porcelain polishers are highly regarded as the preferred porcelain polishing system by leading clinicians and lab technicians across the country. After continuous innovation, Brasseler USA has extended the Dialite family yet again by introducing Dialite Intra-Oral Porcelain Polishing Paste. Available in 4-micron grit, this diamond impregnated polishing paste is packed in a convenient 2 gram syringe, which will help you quickly and easily achieve the highest level of surface smoothness and shine. Use as a final step after polishing with Dialite HP (Feldspathic), Dialite LD (Lithium Disilicate) or Dialite ZR (Zirconia) to achieve the best results.


Learn more about our new Dialite® Intra-Oral Porcelain Polishing Paste


Dialite-Polishing-Paste Flyer (B-4103) (.pdf download)

VISIONFLEX – Diamond/Serrated Saw Combo Diamond Strips

Another Innovation from Brasseler USA – VISIONFLEX – Diamond/Serrated Saw Combo Diamond Strips

In addition to our extensive interproximal strip line, Brasseler USA® is introducing a new combination diamond and saw blade strip. This versatile strip will help meet all of your interproximal finishing and stripping needs by allowing you to move quickly from one application to the next, eliminating the need for two different strips. The serrated saw blade is ideal for opening tight interproximal contacts or cement removal, while the perforated diamond portion quickly strips enamel during orthodontics or finishes composite and porcelain restorations. Available in three grits (extra-fine, fine and medium), these strips will help you save time and money.

Autoclavable Diamond Strip Holder

The A101 is a fully sterilizable aluminum tube that protects strips during sterilization.



Learn more about VISIONFLEX – Diamond/Serrated Saw Combo Diamond Strips


VISIONFLEX Flyer (B-4140) (.pdf download)

ET Flex Interproximal Finishing & Contouring Strips

Another Innovation from Brasseler USA, ET Flex

The Award-Winning, patented, safe and flexible design of ET Flex™ allows you to adapt the strip to meet all of your interproximal finishing and contouring needs. Grip ET Flex at or above the crossbar and the strip becomes taut for contact areas. Grip the ET Flex below the crossbar and the strip curves, allowing you to perfectly adapt to any contour.

These narrow trips feature a non-diamond coated Gateway™ allowing you to safely pass through contact areas for interproximal finishing of composite restorations and cement cleanup in the cervical area. Available in multiple grits and in narrow and wide configurations.

Experience for yourself why ET Flex is the most advanced interproximal finishing and contouring device on the market.

3-Time Award Winning Dental Product

Townie Choice Award WINNER in the Diamond Strip category three years in a row: 2012, 2013 & 2014

Townie Choice Award 2012 - 2014

Click here to see ET Flex on

  • IFU

Learn more about ET Flex Interproximal Finishing and Contouring Strips


ET Flex Brochure (.pdf download)

View the Instructions for Use for ET Flex.


ET Flex IFU (B-3468) (.pdf download)

ET Illustra Polishers

Esthetic Composite Polishers – ET Illustra

Brasseler USA’s ET Illustra™ polishers employ proprietary abrasive particle construction and binder matrix technology to quickly deliver wet-look shine, even on harder hybrid composite materials.

It contains proprietary filler shape technology that creates abrasive particles without aggressive acute angles. A superb high-gloss shine is achieved and anatomical details are more readily retained on the surface of the restoration through a burnishing or micro-milling effect.


Available in 2 abrasive grits, dark purple for initial “satin” and light purple for final high-gloss shine.

Dark purple – Recommended speed: 10,000 – 12,000 rpm
Light Purple – Recommended speed: 2,000 – 10,000 rpm
Sterilization: Single-Use / Autoclave


Learn more about Brasseler USA’s ET Illustra products.

ET Illustra Brochure

ET Illustra Brochure (B-2786) (.pdf download)