EndoSequence BC Sealer HiFlow

The “State-of-the-Art” in Endodontic Obturation, Now Available for Warm Vertical

Clinicians now have two distinct formulations of the same proven pre-mixed bioceramic sealer to choose from.  Compared to standard BC Sealer, BC Sealer HiFlow exhibits a lower viscosity when heated and is more radiopaque, making it optimized for warm obturation techniques.

Standard gutta percha can be used with BC Sealer, but for a true, gap-free seal, BC Points are recommended. BC Points are impregnated and  coated with bioceramic particles to allow for bonding with BC Sealer. The benefit of using BC Sealer and BC Points is that three-dimensional bonded  obturation can be achieved at room temperature. However, if a warm vertical technique is preferred it is recommended to use BC Sealer HiFlow with BC Points 150 Series along with BC Pellets at 150ºC – 220ºC.

  • Condensation-based technique
  • Optimal for warm obturation
  • Lower viscosity when heated
  • Higher radiopacity

EndoSequence Scout Files

Premium Quality, Minimally Invasive

Working with multiple endodontists from different backgrounds, Brasseler has identified the most common limitations of files currently available on the market. Every feature of EndoSequence Scout Files has been designed to overcome these shortcomings.

EndoSequence Scout Files


  • Shortened cutting length (12mm) reduces maximum fl ute diameter and facilitates better scouting of the apical third
  • Exclusive NiTi allows for optimal pre-bending and flexibility
  • Tighter flute structure and robust cross-section provides higher resistance to fatigue and deformation
  • Precision safety tip facilitates navigation of curved and calcified canals
  • Premium, uncompromised quality:
    • Compression-fi t handle (allows for apex locator readings)
    • Clear calibration markings
    • Sharp cutting flutes
    • Consistent sizing
    • Precision safety tip (not blunt or pointed, which can lead to ledging)
    • Sterile blister packaging


EndoSequence Reciprocating File

So Sophisticated. It’s Simple.

ESR utilizes the latest NiTi technology to provide clinicians with superior safety, efficiency and performance. ESR files are also designed to preserve more coronal tooth structure compared to WaveOne® Gold.

EndoSequence ESR Files
EndoSequence ESR Files




  • Reverse-cutting fl ute design: cuts on the counter-clockwise motion
  • Compatible with ProMark®, e3® and NLZ E™ electric motors
  • Sterile blister packs of three instruments
  • Progressive taper design (Fig. 2)
  • Heat treated NiTi allows for pre-bending
  • Available in #20 (small), #25 (primary), #35 (medium), #45 (large) and #17 (scouting file)

ESR Advantages

  • ESR features a similar but more conservative design
  • ESR can be autoclaved if sterility is compromised
  • ESR is more cost effective



EndoSequence Endodontic File System

EndoSequence® is the Only Endodontic System to be Fully Synchronized from Instrumentation through Obturation and Post Placement!

EndoSequence Philosophy:

  • The restoration of an endodontically treated tooth begins at the apex.
  • The cleaning and shaping instruments should preserve, to the greatest extent possible, the structural integrity of the tooth.
  • The obturation materials should act as a conduit, not an inhibitor, to a successful long term restoration.
  • When a post is necessary, it should not put undue stress on the root. It should have a similar modulus of elasticity to that of dentin and it should match the shape created by the last instrument used to shape the canal.
  • The system should be as efficient as possible but the long term prognosis of the tooth trumps simplicity.

Test out the Patented EndoSequence File Design

Take the EndoSequence Challenge: Compare the EndoSequence file to your current file, and if you don’t prefer EndoSequence, we will gladly provide you with a full refund.

Countless competitors have tried circumventing our patents in the hope of rivaling the cutting efficiency and safety of the EndoSequence file. Their efforts, while flattering, always fall short.


EndoSequence is the only file in the world that contains all of the following features:

EndoSequence System

Available with Calibration Markings
• Visible on radiographs

Electropolished Surface
• Eliminates surface imperfections that weaken other files
• Increases file sharpness

Precision Tip
• Non-active at the tip, fully active precisely at 1 mm

Patented ACP
(Alternating Contact Point™) Design
• Non-landed, reduced-drag design
• Centers file within canal without radial lands
• Prevents self-threading “screw in” to canal
• Enhances debris removal
• Maximizes cutting efficiency

Expeditor™ File & Procedure Packs
• Expeditor™ gauges canal size based on depth of initial engagement.
• Procedure packs minimize inventory costs and expedite procedure.
• Expeditor™ gauges canal size based on depth of initial engagement.
• Procedure packs minimize inventory costs and expedite procedure.

No Radial Lands
• Flexibility is maximized
• Torque is minimized
• Reduced cross section thickness
• Sharp cutting edge

Post Technique Video Tutorial
Shaping Obturation Technique Video Tutorial

EndoSequence 2 Cordless Handpiece

Our Ergonomic, Lightwieght EndoSequence 2 Cordless Handpiece Weighs Less Than 4 Ounces

The EndoSequence 2 Cordless Endodontic Handpiece from Brasseler USA features an easy to read LCD screen, torque and speed controls, auto-reverse and 5 programmable settings. Weighing less than 4 ounces the rheostat free design provides enough speed for initial treatments as well as re-treatments and is ideal for today’s NiTi rotary files. The EndoSequence 2 has a motor speed of 2,000-10,000 rpm but with the 10:1 gear reduction head that is included, it operates the file at 200-900 rpm. The EndoSequence 2 utilizes rechargeable AAA batteries and is backed by a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy-to-Read LCD Screen with 5 Programmable Settings
  • On/Off Switch
  • Push Button Head
  • Speed Control
  • Torque Control
  • Auto Reverse

Learn more about our EndoSequence Family of Products

EndoSequence Brochure
EndoSequence Brochure (B3958)

EndoSequence Fiber Post System

Everything you love about Cast Posts, but at a Fraction of the cost with Zero Hassle!

Use EndoSequence Fiber Post System for Great Results.


  • Drill-free system: Post matches the shape created by the EndoSequence files, similar to a cast post
  • High Zirconia content (68%) gives increased strength
  • Low modulus of elasticity (49 GPf) promotes natural movement of surrounding tooth structure
  • Factory silanation ensures proper chemical and micro-mechanical bonding for dual and light cure resins
  • High radiopacity for crisp post-op radiographs
  • White composite fiber composition ideal for highly esthetic restorations
  • Received an excellent rating on a survey conducted by a nationally recognized third party product evaluation company.*

Technique: Simply burnout the necessary amount of gutta percha or pre-cut the cone to create the desired apical plug.

*Survey results available upon request.


EndoSequence is the only Endodontic System to be fully
synchronized from Instrumentation through Obturation
and Post Placement.


The following video demonstrates the EndoSequence® post technique.

Click to watch the video below:

EndoSequence BC Points

BC Obturation System – Bioceramic Bonded Obturation with EndoSequence BC Points

Unlike traditional points, EndoSequence® BC Points™ from Brasseler USA® are subjected to a patented process of impregnating and coating each cone with bioceramic nanoparticles. The bioceramic particles found in BC Sealer™ bond with the bioceramic particles in BC Points™ to form a true gap-free seal. A recent study showed that BC Sealer™, when used in conjunction with our impregnated and coated cones, actually increased the fracture resistance to a level comparable to that of teeth that have not undergone root-canal therapy.

BC Points™ are available in individual sizes and in assortment wheels. Standard gutta percha can be used, but for a true, gap-free seal BC Points™ are recommended.


Learn more about BC Points:


Fracture Resistance Chart

~Ghoneim AG, Lutfy RA, Sabet NE, Fayyad DM. Resistance to fracture of roots obturated with novel canal-filling system. JOE. 2011; 37 (11): 1590-2.

EndoSequence BC RRM Fast Set Putty

Ideal for All of your Pulp Capping and Root Repair Needs.

EndoSequence® BC RRM-Fast Set Putty™ contains the same characteristics as our tried-and-true BC RRM-Paste™ and BC RRM-Putty™ but with a new fast set chemistry and an improved Sanidose™ syringe delivery. No mixing, no waste, no cross-contamination and, best of all, you get a consistently perfect unit dose putty plug with every application. Our new BC RRM-Fast Set Putty™ is even more resistant to washout than our market-leading BC RRM-Putty™!

You have never seen a Root Repair Material anything like EndoSequence BC RRM-Fast Set Putty!

Premixed with Superior Handling and Healing Properties.


  • Moldable/Condensable Putty Consistency
  • Premixed Sanidose™ Syringe Delivery
  • Extremely Resistant to Washout
  • Shortened Set Time (20 min)


  • Highly Biocompatible
  • Osteogenic
  • Anti-bacterial (+12 pH)
  • Non-Staining

U.S. Patent Nos.: 7,553,362, 7,575,628, 8,343,271, 8,475,811
European Patent Nos.: 1861341 A4, 2142225 B1


Learn more about EndoSequence® BC-RRM Fast Set Putty™

Endosquence RRM-Fast Set Putty Syringe (B_4164)

EndoSequence BC RRM

EndoSequence® BC RRM™ (Root Repair Material) is available in two specifically formulated consistencies (syringable paste or condensable putty) and contains many of the same characteristics as BC Sealer™. The favorable handling properties, increased strength and shortened set time make BC RRM highly resistant to washout and ideal for all root repair and pulp capping procedures. Research and countless cases confirm that BC RRM is highly biocompatible and osteogenic. Join thousands of others that have set aside their spatulas and joined the BC RRM revolution!


  • Premixed-syringable paste or putty consistency
  • Shortened Set Time – 2 hours vs. 4+ hours with others
  • Highly Resistant to Washout


  • Highly Biocompatible
  • Osteogenic
  • Anti-bacterial (+12 pH)

Applications: Root Endo Filling (Retrograde fills), Repair of Root Perforation, Repair of Root Resorption, Apexification, Pulp Capping Composition, Calcium silicates, Calcium phosphate monobasic, Calcium hydroxide Zirconium oxide, Tantalum oxide, Filler and thickening agents.

U.S. Patent Nos.: 7,553,362, 7,575,628, 8,343,271, 8,475,811
European Patent Nos.: 1861341 A4, 2142225 B1

EndoSequence BC Sealer

The “State-of-the-Art” in Endodontic Obturation

Unlike conventional base/catalyst sealers, BC Sealer™ utilizes the moisture natually present in the dentinal tubules to initiate its setting reaction. This highly radiopaque and Hydrophilic sealer forms hydroxyapatite upon setting and chemically bonds to both dentin and to our bioceramic points (EndoSequence® BC Points™). BC Sealer is anti-bacterial during setting due to its highly alakaline pH and unlike traditional sealers, BC Sealer exhibits absolutely zero shrinkage!

Try this Award-Winning product today and learn how BC Sealer is a part of Restorative Endodontics.

U.S. Patent Nos.: 7,553,362, 7,575,628, 8,343,271, 8,475,811
European Patent Nos.: 1861341 A4, 2142225 B1

BC Sealer Research Bibliography
Check out the latest update to our BC Sealer / RRM Research bibliography. With over 74 published studies and 30 million clinical cases performed, BC Sealer is the new biologic standard of care in endodontic obturation.



Click links below to review Instructions for Use, Material Data Safety Sheets and Product Literature for EndoSequence® BC Sealer™.

View our complete Research bibliography:

“I have used BC Sealer and BC Root Repair material exclusively for the past two and a half years. I truly believe even with the introduction of all the great new technology and techniques in Endodontics over the past number of years, this will be one of the most outstanding developments. I believe the quality of the Endodontics performed is greatly improved. Finally a material that is biocompatible, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial with no post-operative complications. The feedback from many of my Endodontic Colleagues is amazingly positive.

~Dr. Richard Herman
Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics
Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor, Nova Southeastern University
Post-Graduate Endodontics
“I have been using the BC Sealer for number of years. The sealer is amazing! Patient’s report almost no post operative discomfort and the healing has been fantastic. My dental assistant thinks it is great because there is no mixing. In situations requiring root or chamber repair as well as endodontic surgery I use the BC RRM , the results have been impressive with wonderful bone healing.
~Wayne Pulver DDS, Dip.Endo
  Willowdale, Ontario
“I have used Brassler’s BC sealer and RRM on all my cases for over two years and have never been happier about any dental material. Their ease of placement, manipulating ability, clean up and working time are paramount during Endodontic treatment and microsurgery. BC sealer and RRM are far superior to any other sealers or retrograde materials presently on the market.
~Bradley A. Trattner, D.D.S.
  Diplomate American Board of Endodontics
  Endodontic Specialists, P.A.
  Baltimore, MD 21208
“The emerging science on RRM is excellent, and it’s so much easier to handle than MTA.
~Dr. James R. Granite
  Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics
  Longboat Key, Florida
“The I have been using the ESRRM paste for apicos and repairs in all my cases for some time now. The material is easy to use and its texture is consistent, unlike mta. My staff and I no longer need to spend time and energy managing the repair material during these procedures as we did with mta. We now save our efforts for the patient in the chair.
~Dr. Emanuel Alvaro
  Drummondville, QC, Canada
Wir benutzen BC Sealer, weil wir davon beeindruckt sind, ein und dieselbe, hoch biokompatible, mineralische Rezeptur sowohl als Füll- als auch als Reparaturmaterial zur Verfügung  zu haben. Anwendungseigenschaften, das Reinigen der Zugangskavität und die Abstimmung mit rotierenden Feilen machen die Verwendung angenehm.Translation:
“We changed to bc sealer and root repair material because we are impressed by having one highly biocompatible mineral-based chemistry for filling and repairing purposes. handling, cleaning access cavity and match to rotary files makes application easy.”
~Dr. Dres Knupfer, Germany

BC Sealer Introduction Whiteboard Video

Is your Endodontic sealer/obturation technique weakening teeth? Fix it with BC Sealer and BC Points.

Click to watch the video below:

Bioceramic Bonding & Research

The following video explains bioceramic bonding and the research behind the technology.

Click to watch the video below:

BC Obturation Features

The following video demonstrates bioceramic obuturation and its features.

Click to watch the video below:

Hydraulic Bonded Obturation

The following video demonstrates hydraulic bonded obturation.

Click to watch the video below: