Dialite Intra-Oral Porcelain Polishing Paste

The Final Step in Polishing Today’s Modern Ceramics – Dialite Intra-Oral Porcelain Polishing Paste

As a market leader, Brasseler USA’s Dialite porcelain polishers are highly regarded as the preferred porcelain polishing system by leading clinicians and lab technicians across the country. After continuous innovation, Brasseler USA has extended the Dialite family yet again by introducing Dialite Intra-Oral Porcelain Polishing Paste. Available in 4-micron grit, this diamond impregnated polishing paste is packed in a convenient 2 gram syringe, which will help you quickly and easily achieve the highest level of surface smoothness and shine. Use as a final step after polishing with Dialite HP (Feldspathic), Dialite LD (Lithium Disilicate) or Dialite ZR (Zirconia) to achieve the best results.


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Dialite-Polishing-Paste Flyer (B-4103) (.pdf download)