The 25th International Symposium on Ceramics

The 25th International Symposium on Ceramics presented by Quintessence

The New Frontiers of Esthetic Excellence: Successfully Integrating the Best of Traditional and Digital Dentistry
June 2–4, 2017
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
1380 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

The 25th International Symposium on Ceramics continues the glorious tradition of one of the world’s most highly regarded symposiums. There is one purpose central to the ISC—an unwavering commitment to showcase the latest and greatest in esthetic and implant dentistry. We bring together the most renowned international leaders in the fields of esthetic and implant dentistry and dental technology to show you what is possible for you to achieve in your own practice.

The city of San Diego has provided a fantastic backdrop for some of our most memorable symposiums. I hope you will join us for the 25th anniversary of this preeminent event in esthetic dentistry. Whether you have been one of the many avid attendees in previous years or this is your first time attending, I know you will enjoy our exciting and unique program.

The meeting will focus on answering the following three questions:

What new technologies are currently available and ready for prime time?

While some technologies show great potential, it is difficult to determine which are ready for prime time and can be of value in your practice. Our speakers will discuss a host of new techniques and technologies that advance patient care and will showcase the advantages that these new approaches can bring to your practice.

How do I incorporate them into my current workflow?

New techniques and technologies are great, but it is often difficult to determine how to integrate them into your practice. Our speakers will discuss how to incorporate new approaches in ways that can enhance your workflow and overall collaboration among the various team members involved in providing care.

What existing techniques and technologies do I keep, and what do I let go?

Some new techniques and technologies will easily blend with existing approaches, while others will require you to gain new skills and let go of existing clinical and technical approaches. Our speakers will share what they have learned by incorporating new approaches, what existing techniques may no longer be relevant, and what approaches you should incorporate into your practice.

Make sure you stop by the Brasseler USA booth (#209) to see our latest product innovations!

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