EndoSync: Safety and Performance in One Handpiece

EndoSync from Brasseler USA

With $500 in savings, there has never been a better time to upgrade your handpiece.

For a limited time, you can save over 20% on the market’s lightest cordless endodontic motor.

EndoSync Cordless: Retail $1,799.00  $1,299.00
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EndoSync Cordless Handpiece from Brasseler USA


The easy-to-operate handpiece features 6 memory settings, multi-colored LCD screen, audible alerts and a wide variety of automatic controls for increased confidence, even in the most challenging cases.


The EndoSync Cordless is equipped with OTR (Optimized Torque Reverse) technology. Disengaging the file only when needed, OTR drastically reduces the likelihood of file separation.


The EndoSync Cordless monitors the torque load on the file up to 16 times per second and communicates with the EndoSync A.I. Apex Locator to provide real-time depth readings.

EndoSync ORT Technology

The Safety You Deserve with the Efficiency You Require

The dynamic design of the EndoSync Cordless offers the distinct combination of Safety and Performance all in one handpiece. The high performance endodontic motor is the lightest cordless in its class with numerous safety features including the Optimized Torque Reverse (OTR) technology, torque slowdown, and the ability to connect to the EndoSync A.I. Apex Locator.


EndoSync Cordless: Retail $1,799.00  $1,299.00
code ENDOSYNC during checkout

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