• University of Michigan
  • Emory University, School of Dentistry, DDS

Ronald E. Goldstein, D.D.S.

Dr. Ronald E. Goldstein is commonly referred to as the “father of modern cosmetic dentistry”. He is one of the managing partners of Goldstein, Garber and Salama (GG&S). Dr. Goldstein’s areas of expertise are in cosmetic and restorative dentistry: smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, cosmetic contouring, all-ceramic crowns, dental bonding, teeth whitening, laser therapy for periodontal disease, trial smile and micro-abrasion.

Dr. Goldstein is a published, renowned author who wrote the first comprehensive textbook on esthetic and cosmetic dentistry in 1976 which has been published worldwide. Dr. Goldstein continues to be a featured columnist for Southern Seasons Magazine and serves on the advisory board for New Beauty Magazine. Dr. Goldstein is also the author of the bestselling consumer guide to cosmetic dentistry, “Change Your Smile” and the widely used textbook “Esthetics in Dentistry”, now going into its 3rd edition.

Dr. Goldstein is a partner at Goldstein, Garber and Salama and leads Brasseler’s Team Atlanta. He has been instrumental in developing many new product concepts with Brasseler USA.