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Brasseler USA is the premier dental instrumentation company offering the most extensive selection of dental instrumentation under one brand, providing innovation and services to support core operatory procedures.

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The Latest In Quality Instrumentation

Since 1976, Brasseler USA has provided the highest-quality instruments to dental professionals. Our singular focus on instrumentation allows us to design and deliver the most dependable, reliable and precise instruments available. With more than 15,000 products available, Brasseler USA is by your side to select the right instrumentation for your practice.

NiTi Solutions

EndoSequence Scout NiTi System by Brasseler USA


Working with multiple endodontists from different backgrounds, Brasseler has identified the most common limitations of files currently available on the market. Every feature of EndoSequence Scout Files has been designed to overcome these shortcomings.
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EndoSequence CM NiTi System by Brasseler USA


EndoSequence CM Files are manufactured with an enhanced nitinol metallurgy and heat treatment process that allows for cutting edge fidelity and superior resistance to cyclic fatigue. EndoSequence CM provides clinicians with a more flexible option and an instrument that is significantly more resistant to separation.
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The EndoSequence CM taper file provides clinicians with a progressive tapered instrument that delivers the cutting efficiency and flexibility of EndoSequence CM in the familiar shapes of ProTaper Gold™ files.
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XP-3D addresses the shortcomings of traditional NiTi instrumentation and ushers in a new biologic standard of care in endodontic instrumentation.
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Brasseler’s latest NiTi innovation designed to be used in a reciprocating motion. The exclusive reverse cutting flute design, electropolished surface treatment, and safety guiding tip make ESR CM a safe, flexible, and efficient reciprocating solution.
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EndoSequence BC Liner from Brasseler USA


Unlike conventional base/catalyst sealers, EndoSequence BC Sealer utilizes the moisture naturally present in the dentinal tubules to initiate its setting reaction. BC Sealer is anti-bacterial during setting due to its highly alkaline pH and unlike traditional sealers, BC Sealer exhibits absolutely zero shrinkage!
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EndoSequence BC RRM by Brasseler USA


EndoSequence Root Repair Material (RRM) is available in two specifically formulated consistencies (syringable paste or condensable putty) and contains many of the same characteristics as BC Sealer. The favorable handling properties, increased strength and shortened set time make RRM highly resistant to washout and ideal for all root repair and pulp capping procedures.
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EndoSequence BC Liner by Brasseler USA


EndoSequence BC Liner is a next-generation bioactive hybrid resin optimized for use with BC Sealer and BC RRM. This versatile and durable material chemically bonds to dentin without the need for a bonding agent. The unique, moisture-friendly chemistry seals teeth against bacterial leakage and continuously releases and recharges calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions for a lasting biological benefit.
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EndoSequence BC Temp


EndoSequence BC Temp is a premixed, non-setting bioceramic paste used for intracanal dressing. Unlike traditional Calcium Hydroxide pastes, the primary components of BC Temp are Calcium Silicates and Calcium Oxide which allow BC Temp to exhibit a gradual and slow release of calcium and hydroxyl ions which extends its effective antimicrobial activity and eliminates the need for frequent applications.
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Endodontic Handpieces


The dynamic design of the Endosync Cordless handpieces offer a unique combination of Safety and Efficiency. This high performance endodontic micromotor is the lightest cordless handpiece in its class with numerous safety features, including: Optimized Torque Reverse (OTR) technology, torque slowdown, and highly intuitive apical actions when connected to the EndoSync A.I. Apex locator.
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The EndoSync A.I. Apex Locator features the latest innovative design and technology in endodontic measurements, all encompassed in a lightweight, compact system. Equipped with automatic calibration, a memory bar, audible warnings, and a large LCD screen, the EndoSync A.I. delivers precision to meet your endodontic needs.
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The slim, ergonomic design of the Forza V3 handpiece provides excellent access while the LED illumination from dual fiber optics delivers clearer vision and maximum visibility. With a wide range of piezo ultrasonic tips available, the Forza V3 is ideal for a variety of clinical procedures including general scaling, perio and endo.
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A wide variety of ultrasonic tips to fit any application.
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