Peter Brasseler Series™ Diamonds

For Superior Performance Use Peter Brasseler Series™ Diamonds™

Peter Brasseler Series™ Diamonds, our signature brand of diamond burs named for our company founder, Peter Brasseler, come in a variety of shapes, grits and sizes.

Available shapes: Round, inverted cone, pear, flat-end parallel, hourglass, modified flat-end parallel, beveled parallel, flat-end taper, modified flat-end taper, round, round-end parallel, modified round-end parallel, round-end taper, modified round-end taper, flame, needle, football, egg, barrel and wheel / donut.

Diamond Grit Sizes

CRF™ = 180 micron Medium = 100 micron
Super-Coarse (CN) = 151 micron Fine = 30 micron
Super-Coarse = 150 micron Extra-Fine = 15 micron
Coarse = 125 micron Ultra-Fine = 8 micron
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Download the Instructions For Use for our diamond burs

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