Redefining Endodontics
The State-Of-The Art in Obturation Has Changed!

Brasseler USA is redefining endodontic obturation. Gone are the days of using hydrophobic sealers and expensive carriers which shrink upon cooling. Using modern material science (bioceramic nano-technology) Brasseler USA has developed a bioceramic sealer and bioceramic point which allow you to achieve 3-dimensional bonded obturation at room temperature with absolutely zero shrinkage!  Brasseler USA is the first company to develop a premixed bioceramic sealer and root repair material for use in endodontics. The favorable healing and handling characteristic of bioceramics make them ideal for endodontic applications. Enjoy learning more about bioceramics in endodontics and contact Brasseler USA if you have any questions or would like to place an order.
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